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HD JYM 12kV-630A Insulated Protective Cap

12kV 630A insulation protective cap is charged as accessories to provide an insulating sleeve jacket to live,not live to provide joint dust, moisture envelope. 630A insulating cap can be mounted on the sleeve 630A,bus bar and wall and otherequipment,when the bus bars and cable connector is reserved for spare qualify,you must use 630A insulating cap to sea it.

12kV 630A insulation protective cap is charged as accessories to provide an insulating sleeve jacket to live,not live to provide joint dust, moisture envelope. 630A insulating cap can be mounted on the sleeve 630A,bus bar and wall and otherequipment,when the bus bars and cable connector is reserved for spare qualify,you must use 630A insulating cap to sea it.


--product structure

1. The operating ring: made of stainless steel for easy installation and operation of the product;
2.The insulating layer: a unique formula and hybrid technology to ensure high-quality pre-insulated drubber;
3.The outer semi-conductive layer: the prefabricated conductive rubber in line with ieee592 standards;
4.Internal thread: internalthreadtom16-2;
5.Grounding eye: eye through the ground, so that the product is grounded,


——scope of delivery

* Insulation cap body
* Clean paper
* Silicone grease
* Quality Certificate
* Installation instruction sheet

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