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HD HBLQ 12kV-630A European Separable Rear Arrester

15/45(50) European style separable rear arrester provide a reliable protective med um voltage network.using the semi-conductive shield to make sure the person is safe and the equipment can work well,also they have the high quantity to make sure they can work in the Circumstances.The 15/45(50) European rear inserting arrester can be use together with the T back connector.

15/45(50) European style separable  rear arrester provide a reliable protective med um voltage network.using the semi-conductive shield to make sure the person is safe and the equipment can work well,also they have the high quantity to make sure they can work in the Circumstances.The 15/45(50) European rear inserting arrester can be use together with the T back connector.

——scope of delivery

* European Post arrester body
* Copper connection
* M16 /12 screw stud
* M12nuts,
* flat washers.spring washers
* tape
* sandpaper
* Utility Knife
* Surgical tape
* Clean paper
* Silicone grease
* Gloves(white)
* Gloves(Yellow)
* Gloves(disposable)
* Sealant (red)
* Cable ties (snap)
* PVC electrical tape(red,yellow green)
* Quality Certificate
* Installation instruction sheet

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