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The Tomb-Sweeping Day

Date:2023-03-27        Clicks:1144

The tomb-sweeping Day is one of the national  festivals in China.Around April 4–6, people start going to the graves of their ancestors.
Typically, individuals bring homemade food, some fake money, and paper houses when they pay a visit to their ancestors. As they start to remember their ancestors, they will decorate the tombs with flowers, light candles, and burn incense.

What matters most is the prepared food, which should be set in front of the graves. The sacrifices, often referred to as the meal, frequently include a chicken, a fish, and some pork. It stands for the reverence that the young people feel for their forebears.

People believe that the forbears will share the food with them. The children dedicate the food and money to their forbears in order to show their love and caring. The young offspring will go down on their knees and pray for their ancestors. They can say their wishes in front of the tombs and the ancestors will make their dreams come true.

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